Client Projects

SI Futures awarded the contract to manage the wide area network for BNP Cadiz Securities. - 22 Mar 2014

BNP Cadiz needed a better solution for managing the bandwidth usage and for monitoring the up-time of their Wide Area Network links.  With our proven track record in providing these services, SI Futures was awarded the contract to monitor and manage the BNP Cadiz links between their Johannesburg and Cape Town sites and their connections into various financial services providers.

SI Futures supplies Digital Pen Solution to Health Focus - 30 Nov 2013

Health Focus, recognised as a leader in Medical Practice Management has implemented the Digital Pen Solution supplied by S I Futures.

This solution offers the user a convenient method of filing a patient's encounter records and in so doing, bridges the gap between paper and computers.
During the consultation, a form which is pre-populated with the patient's details is printed out and completed using the digital pen. Once the pen is docked in its cradle a PDF copy of the form is instantly created and automatically linked to the patient's electronic file.

The medical practitioner now has the ability to access a patient's records immediately, which eliminates time and effort being spent on searching for the paper copy. This practical high tech, yet user friendly tool, will bring a new level of efficiency to any practice.

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