Bernard Senekal


Thanks so much for the evening at Stardust - In no uncertain terms this was one of the best company functions we have ever had the privilege to attend! I am sure that your company name is also very indicative of the fact that you will be around in future as you have been for 10 years!

Old Mutual plc

Graham Beverley

Old Mutual plc has been working with SI Futures since 2001 to provide hosting solutions for Old Mutual plc's corporate website,

With listing on the London Stock Exchange, Old Mutual needed to host its corporate website,, in the United Kingdom. The development of the website would be performed in South Africa, and SI Futures provided the international publishing and hosting solution.

Since then, SI Futures involvement has been expanded to include the following:

Hosting of the Old Mutual Corporate website, Extranet and Intranet

Website code development

Provide a web-based CMS solution

Project management

SI Futures have enthusiastically approached challenges and are determined to provide solutions suited to meet business requirements. They have proven to be available 24-7 and go the extra mile to meet deadlines and achieve project goals.

I have enjoyed working with SI Futures and I look forward to our future as business partners.


Graham Beverley

SI Futures has again proved that they are invaluable in providing integration with various technologies and suppliers to deliver a technically sound webcast.

This web cast relayed the Old Mutual financial results across the world and SI Futures used their hosting environment in London to capture the web cast from a video feed, and relay it across their MPLS infrastructure and deliver it to the Antfarm Content Delivery Network in South Africa. This ensured that viewers around the world could receive the stream without any delay or buffering.

Old Mutual Technical Services Group

Simon Edwards


SI Futures was approached to assist Old Mutual Technical Services Group (TSG) with connecting its various business units across the globe as well as provide full support services. TSG was formerly the UK Old Mutual Financial Services but was disbanded after Old Mutual sold Gerrard. The group company now provides IT and facility services to Old Mutual as well as providing infrastructure, hosting and support for other Old Mutual subsidiaries.

SI Futures was called in to help navigate the difficult Southern African communications environment. Many Old Mutual Group business units are based in this region and TSG needed a supplier with the extensive knowledge of this environment to help it overcome technical and regulatory issues inherent in the region.


SI Futures built a network for TSG on its MPLS technology that would allow fast communication between its offices in Cape Town, Johannesburg, Namibia, Boston, Baltimore and Hong Kong. Because of the disparate nature of the offices, and in line with TSG's own work ethic, SI Futures also provides remote site support to the various branches.


The SI Futures implementation has brought global connectivity to TSG branches in a cost-effective and reliable manner. The major business benefits for TSG have been cost and time savings as a result of both the MPLS network as well as the dedicated support services from SI Futures.