Where we come from

1995 - Founded UK

SI Futures was founded in the United Kingdom as a Systems Integration consultancy that offered implementation and support services to companies like HP, Compel and Everton Football Club. Within two years we had integrated a number of systems that were used to run sports and entertainment businesses, using best-of-breed products from HP, IBM and Microsoft.

1997 - Sport and Entertainment

HP signs an agreement with SI Futures for the rights to implement a business management solution for stadiums and large sport venues, branded as HP E-vent. In the same year, SI Futures developed an online ticketing interface for the Wembley Ticketing System. By May 1998, the solution was put to the test for the Capital FM Party. The concert was sold out in 6 hours -previously, it had taken at least two days to sell out tickets using telesales.

1998 - OMPLC London Office

SI Futures delivered similar solutions in the Czech Republic and Turkey, and Old Mutual plc approached SI Futures to host its primary public website. Currently, SI Futures hosts and supports the Old Mutual Extranet, Company Secretariat and workflow systems while providing access to these systems within the Old Mutual group worldwide.

1999 - SA Office

SI Futures opens shop in South Africa, with a mission to offer the same Systems Integration and consultancy services it had successfully implemented in Europe. The initial focus was on Internet technologies and setting up a Wide Area Network between South Africa and the UK.

2000 - Global WAN

SI Futures becomes on of the first in South Africa to migrate the Wide Area Network to the newer Multi-protocol Label Switching technology after partnering with Internet Solutions. This enabled SI Futures to extend its Wide Area Network and provide integrated solutions in South Africa, Namibia, England and the United States.

2003 - Content Management Hosting

On a search for the best Web Content and Administration systems, SI Futures discovers a product from SA company Zero One, called Platform Basic. SI Futures chose this product as the best available and currently hosts many sites on the Platform Basic system for companies such as Alfa Romeo, Fiat, and FHM to name but a few.