Our full hosting solutions offer world class security and support

Data Centres

We offer clients a high-speed network between South Africa and UK by having hosting sites in both countries. We provide you with fast and reliable connectivity to give you an ideal solution to doing business between these two countries. Our network is fully redundant through multiple connections to our international locations, giving you fast, reliable connectivity that you can build your business on.

Protecting your data

We have world-class data protection mechanisms in place. Our data centres are equipped with computer-controlled climate control and fire suppression systems that can extinguish any fire in seconds. Trained security personnel and proximity cards control and limit access to the data centres 24/7. All data is also backed up, should it be needed for auditing purposes.


We offer top-of-the-range rack-mounted HP NetServer and Dell PowerEdge servers, with full disk redundancy provided by RAID SCSI drive systems. Our primary operating systems are Windows 2000 and Linux and we will advise on the most appropriate option depending on your business needs.

Database solutions

We offer both commercial as well as open-source database platforms that are fast, strong and easy-to-use. All our databases are hosted on dedicated servers, giving you better processing and faster performance.


We offer a range of scripting languages that allows for dynamic content on your website, including JAVA, ASP, PHP and Perl. Our expert consultants will advise you on the best option for you company and match it to your business needs.

Website Features

As a rule we do not limit your disk space or bandwidth but will work closely with you to monitor site traffic and increase allocated disk space and bandwidth as your site grows. We also provide secure servers so you can accept information via your website with confidence, enabling high-speed secure ecommerce on your site.

Website Maintenance

We have a range of options for updating the content on your website including FTP, WEBDAV and Microsoft Front Page Server Extension (for intranets). We also offer the flexibility of both semi-production and production environments, depending on your requirements.

Website Statistics

As standard we offer a full range of website statistics for free to all our clients, allowing you to track the number of visitors to your site, as well as get a better insight of the kind of visitors your site attracts.


We have top-class security that includes firewalls that limit access to only necessary protocols and keep a log of all rejected attempts to access the site improperly. Multiple authentication methods provide an additional layer of security and include Windows and LDAP authentication. Data security is further ensured by the encryption of information sent between client and destination server, using SSL encryption through commercial as well as open-source digital certificates.

Support and Backup

We offer 24/7 support through a dedicated technical support contact, which means you'll never have to stay on hold for a call-centre agent. Daily backups of key database components ensure that you are protected against disk failure, and we keep archived disk backups both on- and off-site.

Email service

We can scale our solution to provide any level of email functionality based on SMTP, POP, IMAP. Some of our solutions include webmail, spam filtering, virus scanning, instant messaging, list servers, auto-responders and SMS email alerts.


We take the strain of setting up and managing your web service away from you so you never have to stress about any aspect. As a Managed Service Provider our service offering includes installation, monitoring, admin management and security management.