Our innovative Digital Forms solution provides maximum efficiency


One of the challenges facing companies in working in remote locations is the difficulty of getting information back quickly from these locations, to where it is needed for document processing.

This information is usually handwritten in a book or a set of multi-part forms, with the original being physically sent to a central location for processing. The data capturer at the central location will usually then capture the information into a centralised system and the exact same information will often be re-captured into multiple systems.


The SI Futures Digital Forms solution creates an instant PDF image of a hand-written form, without changing the existing process or the way people currently work.

As far as the User is concerned, they are filling in the same form but using a different pen. The difference is that instead of sending the form to various destinations, they simply tick a checkbox on the form, which triggers the following:


  1. The Digital pen sends its data to a cell phone, or a PC, and then the data is securely sent via the cell phone, or PC, to an SI Futures Digital Forms server in the Internet Cloud.
  2. The server processes this data and converts it to a high quality PDF which is an exact replica of the handwritten form - as if it had been scanned in by an expensive scanner.
  3. The PDF is then delivered to as many destinations as required. This delivery can be done via E-Mail, FTP or any number of other file transfer mechanisms.
  4. The conversion process is done in less than a minute. 


More information on the benefits of this solution can be found in our Digital Forms Brochure