The following software is available for download, if you need any assistance please contact your SI Futures representative.


Windows Installer (V2.12.473.2)

PenPusher PC

Windows Installer - 64bit (V4.2.54.4)

Windows Installer - 32bit (V4.2.54.4)

PenPusher Mobile

Mobile phone versions of the PenPusher software can be downloaded directly from our partner XMS Penvision's website, click here to see the list of available versions

Blackberry and other versions of the PenPusher software can be downloaded here. Please note that these versions do not cater for manual registration of the software, so you will have to contact your SI Futures representative for assistance.



To update settings on the pen itself, like enabling / disabling Bluetooth, setting the Bluetooth PIN etc, you will need Anoto Pendirector, which can be downloaded here

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Formidable clients for Android, iOS and Windows available for download below.
Note that these clients only support Formidable 3.5 and onwards.


iPhone, iPad


Android phones, phablet, tablet


Windows PC

app store google play Formidable Windows PC

Formidable app for iOS only works with Anoto Live Pen 2.
Requires iPhone 4S or iPad 3 or later models.
Supports iOS 7 and up.

Formidable app for Android supports Anoto DP201 and Anoto Live Pen 2.
Supports Android OS 4.0.3 and up, recommended for 4.2 and up.

Requires Vista/7/8/8.1