Centralising IT Health

Jul 25, 2022 | Security

Keeping all workstations in an organisation up to date can be a nightmare for tech administrators. With regular patches and security updates needing to be deployed to each computer, missing an update on a workstation could cause serious risk for network intrusion or viruses, and ultimately threaten a business.

To counter any risk, the SI Futures tech team, Rudie, Tian and Robin, implemented N-Able for the Grinsens Group which provides a full-featured tech stack with integrated monitoring, management, security and patch management.

N-Able ensures that all desktops and servers on the network environment are patched with the latest updates and provides a consolidated and single point of reference for all desktops and servers on the environment. It also provides a centralised anti-malware and anti-virus solution.

By automating patch management we were able to ease manual installation of these patches. Additionally, applying updates is a requirement for security compliance and through the deployment of N-Able in the organisation we are able to monitor security and hardware centrally.