Helping small business with limited technical resources to future fit their network

Aug 8, 2022Customer Stories

A financial services company with offices across the globe was paying premium fees for a network with poor performance, and then found themselves in trouble when their connectivity had an outage which had a severe reputational and productivity impact on the business.

The provider at the time proposed changes migrating their connectivity from MPLS straight over to SD-WAN, but the executive was concerned about ramifications to the business performance moving from one connectivity medium to another and whether it would solve the performance issue. In addition to this, billing was problematic with confusion around what the client was receiving and paying for.

The company put a freeze on any proposed changes to take stock of what went wrong and formulate a thorough plan to ensure their network was future fit.

SI Futures performed a no-obligation evaluation of the current infrastructure, and found that the network contained several legacy exchange servers clogging network traffic, resulting in poor network performance. In addition to improving network performance, we identified where we could implement costs savings for the business through combining services of multiple providers.

Commissioned to do the work, we re-architected the network without impacting business’s operations, implementing a modern network with improved stability, providing a hybrid network of MPLS and SD-WAN where most suitable, this driving a cloud network and further base line architecture for a complete SASE implementation in the future.

The network performance improved dramatically with 70% less tickets logged, uptime that exceeded the previous 95% committed SLA’s, and network costs were reduced by 50%. The company has a new cost-efficient simplified vendor portfolio, with Si Futures being the single go-to point for all their network requirements reducing the technical burden on the client.

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