About Us

In 1994, a UK bank had decided to implement a common operating system for all workstations and servers across its 2,000 branches and, as part of this implementation, the decision was taken to upgrade the network infrastructure to cater for the increased bandwidth requirement. The founder of SI Futures was tasked with creating the process, procedures and scripts for automating the standard build for all workstations and servers but he was curious… how would the choice of network components affect the operating system rollout? Would the IT staff be required to visit every branch or could he come up with a way to minimise installation costs by automating the process in such a way that the branch staff could do the installation themselves?

At this stage of the project, the bank was in the process of evaluating equipment from three network hardware vendors – 3Com, Bay and Cisco and he asked what he thought was a simple question to all three – “what does your equipment have that makes it better than the others when it comes to making the rollout of the operating system better?” To his surprise, none of the vendors had even considered the actual business requirement. All three could only brag about the bells and whistles that their equipment provided but could not explain how these bells and whistles helped the bank to achieve its objective. Shortly thereafter, SI Futures was born.

SI Futures, based on our understanding of your business needs, oversees the coordinated deployment and management of all IT services required by your business. We never provide our clients with bells and whistles unless we truly believe that these are necessary for the success of your business. Our aim is to bring tangible benefits to our clients’ businesses by providing complete solutions that are properly integrated with existing systems to produce effective and reliable solutions. Solutions based on partnerships with our clients. Solutions that ensure that our clients succeed in achieving business objectives that matter. Solutions that match technology to business needs.