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SiFutures is an outcome-based managed IT service integrator that matches technology to business needs.
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SiFutures Insights

SI Insights 1


Realtime, historical and live bandwidth graphs from the FortiGate firewalls utilising advanced REST API data.

SI Insights 2


SDWAN Performance SLA data is collected from each FortiGate, tracking network performance from the client site to customised destinations.

SI Insights 3


Monitor FortiGate Health data, CPU, Memory and logs. As well FortiGuard connectivity status from the FortiGate firewall.

SI Insights 4


Traceroute data with overlayed time lapsed plotting. Show traffic paths within your ISP’s network and ensure your internet provider is routing your traffic optimally towards your business applications.

Why our clients love us

Centralising IT Health

Keeping all workstations in an organisation up to date can be a nightmare for tech administrators. With regular patches and security updates needing to be deployed to each computer, missing an update on a workstation could cause serious risk for network intrusion or...

Coordinating stakeholders for success

We frequently work with multiple stakeholders in implementing connectivity solutions. Recently, we worked on a project to implement a network change between a client in South Africa and another in the UK. The South African client uses a system hosted in the UK, and SI...

Helping small business with limited technical resources to future fit their network

A financial services company with offices across the globe was paying premium fees for a network with poor performance, and then found themselves in trouble when their connectivity had an outage which had a severe reputational and productivity impact on the business....

What We Offer

Quick guide about some of our main services we supply to our larger clients.

Managed Services

Our Managed Services help clients focus on their business goals, not on managing their IT infrastructure. This business benefit is especially valuable to medium-sized businesses that don’t have the internal resources to effectively manage IT.

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Hybrid Network

We assess your current infrastructure and match your business requirements with the correct services and providers that are best suited for your business. We will provide you with a Hybrid WAN migration strategy that is managed through a single point of contact under a single SLA. We are also able to provide management of existing WAN and LAN networks and assist customers with moving towards industry best practices for their network.

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Security Services

Using next generation firewalls across the entire IT estate – providing Intrusion prevention, Anti-virus, Data leak prevention, Deep packet inspection, Web filtering and Application control gives our clients peace of mind that their IT security is being effectively managed. Coupled with dedicated engineering resources, SiFutures strive for beyond best of breed Managed Security.


Our managed technology solution gives you a single outsourced service, encompassing all aspects of the cloud infrastructure landscape. Our Global delivery focuses on key technology centers in Europe, Africa & North America. Leveraging over 20 years of experience we combine security, compliance and service delivery with the latest cloud technology.


SiFutures provides a consultative systems integration service that ensures your business benefits from improved collaboration, connectivity, cloud migrations and security. Additionally, we help you develop a roadmap to take advantage of emerging technologies that will future-proof your long-term success in rapidly changing world.

Our Clients

We walk a road with our clients, taking them from inception and solving the smallest bumps they have until we get to a smooth road ahead.

Who are we?

SI Futures is an impartial IT Services Integration (SI) company that matches technology to business needs.

The choice of the word Futures in our company name was a hint at the fact that we mainly work with financial services companies and use our experience in IT as a “crystal ball” to protect our clients’ IT investment. We are focused on providing strategic advice and expertise, helping our clients to adapt to the ever-changing IT landscape by matching technology to business needs.

Our Partners

Together, Vir2ue and SiFutures offer a fully managed Secure Managed SD-WAN Solution, alongside a global network which  provides Multinational SMEs with a cost-effective, secure network fabric.

Why work with SiFutures?


Being a boutique agile vendor means quick responses and fast turnaround times.


We get things done the way that works for both parties.

Consortia of Vendors

Finding the right fit ensuring we solve the business problem.


Anywhere you are we can deliver services.


No complicated MSA’s or ordering processes. We are here to help.

Security Experts

Fully fledged MSSP ensuring we know what security means and how to manage it.

Always On

24/7 Support and dedicated customer resources.


We support a multitude of vendors and will skill up depending on client requirements.

Network Experts

SiFutures was born from networking and have over 25 years’ experience.

Success Stories