Different animal same IT infrastructure

Aug 17, 2022Customer Stories

A year ago one of SiFutures largest clients made an announcement of a significant portion of their business being sold off.

Both the existing client and buyer were in a serious predicament as to how to maintain uptime whilst separating business units during the migration phase of the acquisition.

Due to the nature of SiFutures flexibility and deep understanding not only of the portions under contract but peripheral systems were we able to provide a clean split on all fronts ensuring there was no lost productivity across 10 sites globally.

We were able to work with the client and new business owner to provide a detailed plan that would not only protect their interests but also be sure that any business critical dependencies were still met during the split.

Now the challenge arose for the buying entity as to how they would integrate and support the newly acquired infrastructure, SiFutures proposed a holistic overview that would cover not only their new infrastructure but also cover the legacy systems. With the new client now having a mixture of hardware and SDWAN overlay it posed serious complications for supporting this and ensuring uptime to the business.

The biggest challenge for SiFutures was to ensure that there was no impact on the running business, with detailed planning and execution this was achieved with no down time or productivity loss ensuring all deadlines were met.

This was a great opportunity to showcase our dedication to our clients and ability to maintain systems during difficult times.

SiFutures created a comprehensive runbook that detailed every step from initial boot to shutdown of each system. This was not only an invaluable resource for the new team but helped in the transition as we handed over responsibility for supporting the systems.

SiFutures designed, built and currently operate a Global NOC that sits across both new and old environments allowing for centralised management with enhanced 24x7x365 coverage. This model allowed for significant cost savings as the buying entity no longer needed to maintain individuals in each site around the globe but could have peace of mind that their systems were being monitored and supported by a team that understood the intricacies of their business.

The merger and acquisition was a tough time for all parties involved but with SiFutures help it was made much easier and allowed for a smooth transition with no loss in productivity.

If you are worried about an upcoming merger or acquisition and how it will affect your business critical systems then please get in touch, we would be more than happy to help.

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