Stuck in the past but moving with the future

Aug 16, 2022Customer Stories, Security

SiFutures was introduced to a freight forwarding company through one of our connectivity vendors.

This client had a legacy MPLS network that was terribly managed and there was very little value being provided by the incumbent telco.

The client was looking for an alternative and found that the internet provided by SiFutures was much more affordable and they could get better speeds than what they were getting from their current provider.

We implemented redundant circuits to this client so that if one circuit went down, the other would take over without any downtime. This was critical for them

Taking a holistic look at the security, network and hosting environment. SiFutures proposed a Secure Hybrid WAN that would not only use multiple vendors and mediums for connectivity but also introduced next generation FortiGate firewalls ensuring a hardened security posture.

Working closely with both the IT infrastructure team and business leaders on the ground, SiFutures has increased the size of their bandwidth 3 fold whilst keeping the costs the same as their MPLS and adding additional layers of security including all the features that FortiGuard offers. The client uses a specific SAAS application used in the freighting industry which did not have network to network interfaces on-net moving to the SiFutures SDWAN solution has increased application performance.

The client has been with SiFutures for over 8 months and has seen massive improvements in their network performance, security and availability. The IT team no longer spends time managing the network and can now focus on other projects that drive business value.

SDWAN has now provided the client the opportunity to review their hosting environment which will further decrease operational cost by 20% and nearly double the current hardware performance.

We are now their trusted technology vendor and they look to us for guidance on all technical facets of their business.

The client is happy with the service provided by SiFutures and has been able to increase productivity, decrease costs and improve security.

If you are a freight forwarding company struggling with an outdated MPLS network, contact SiFutures today to learn more about how we can help you upgrade to a secure, high-performance SDWAN solution that will increase productivity and decrease costs.

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